Soul Pit

The pit is foul

Search my soul

An endless abyss of despair

Silence is my solace

If I speak, my words will pierce

A heart that was once gold is now pitch-black

Glitters are now coal

Coat me with your charm

Make me feel alive

Erase the pity

Lift my soul from the pit

My home, my soul pit

Pretty soul of mine

Undeserving of pitiful looks.


An observer feeling numb, music is noise

Symphonies unsynchronised

Drum beats, pain bites

Smile, Sigh

Hold my hand, hide my heart

Stuck in numbness, noise is music

Smile, Sigh




Soulful night, winter heart

cold soothing touch

Warm burning tear

Seductive yet deceptive

Cruel duel 

Conflicting, uplifting 

Crevices, cracks

Still, soulless

Feeding still

Still soulful night


Together we will rise to the peak of our mountain. Picking our memories along the way. Raising each other when the path gets rough. Taming our demons together. Learning to find light in each other’s darkness. Together we will trace our dreams on each other’s skin every night. We will burn our desires on our hearts and engrave our deepest fears on the flames of our burning love. Together we will rise and rise, rise and fall, rise and die, rise and live. Together we will love.

Your eyes..

Seeing myself in your eyes..

Eyes hiding years..

Years of lies..

Lies buried in your eyes..

Realizing life is a lie..

Living a lie..

Luring myself into you..

You are my lie..

My life..

I lie to myself..

Your eyes, I see myself..

Your eyes, my reflection..

You’re my eyes..


That night seemed unusually dark.

It was as though the darkness came with a heaviness, i could feel the weight.

Staring into nothingness

Feeling the weight of the dark night as much as the pain of loosing you.

A tightness in my chest that felt much like an ache, a throbbing wound.

Will it ever end? i wonder.

The nights seem like an eternity, the days like a haze of numbness.

The day i lost you, i lost myself too.

A moment is all we need..

Sometimes all it takes is a moment.

A moment that can change your life.

Collecting your self in a moment that can lift you up to heights you never imagined.

Sometimes all you need is a moment to embrace that dream that needs awakening.

That moment that makes you realize there is more to life than what you see.

Sometimes souls connect in ways that never seem to make sense

but in the end the connection is more than just that.

Kindred spirits finding one another in a moment miles apart.

Sometimes all we need is just that; a moment.


I can  only hear the sound of silent desperation

Slowly engulfing me

I have allowed myself to be swept away

By the raging tides of life

The tears i cry from within have formed a vast ocean

That drowns my soul many a time

I die every night only to resurrect in my own abyss

Viewing life from a distance

Living, hoping you will see me as i am

A loner, blooming in solitude

I will die tonight, again

I will see the sun, still!


Maybe they are just two people in the same space trying to escape their captors.

Maybe they are drawn to each other by their own darkness.

Maybe they feel the softness of their fragility that no one else understands.

Maybe they are one but pieced differently.

Each pinning the other on the flimsy barriers of themselves, unknowingly.

No one knows, maybe they do.